Head of Data Management - Crowe

Neil Currie

Judge for The Experian Data Exellence Award

Neil Currie is a Head of Data Management at Crowe’s consulting team in London. He focuses on data strategy, governance, culture, protection and value. A member of the DataIQ Data100 in 2019 Neil has presented at a number of conferences throughout 2019 on these topics and is a speaker at Big Data London in November of this year.

As the current generation of consumers becomes increasingly mobile and borderless, leveraging and managing technology effectively through machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives becomes a real and practical challenge for an increasing number of firms. Neil works with client stakeholders to help them think through and consider issues such as how the ‘black box’ effects of these technologies impact their data protection, risk exposures and governance models.  As the author on topics including the opportunities and challenges presented by data ethics, erosion in consumer trust, privacy and data ownership and risk based approaches to assessing AI and Machine learning, Neil brings real world experience and examples when discussing these topics. Having founded and run his own data quality company in Australia prior to joining Crowe in London and a former Vice President of Sales Operations for SAS in Europe he brings expertise on the speed with which our data driven world is evolving and how technology is assisting it.

In a recent article on data culture Neil focused on both the internal and external impacts of facial recognition technologies and how governance and trust are impacted when considering the desire for greater personalisation by consumers and the competing regulatory developments to protect them.  He is a passionate data professional understanding the impact that data has on our lives both positively and negatively as the same technologies that support growth trajectories are used by malicious actors to undermine it.

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