Tangle Teezer double in sales since 2014 National Business Award win

28 April 2016

Since launching in 2007, Tangle Teezer are teasing the world with innovation, having revolutionised the hairbrush market. With one Tangle Teezer sold around the world every three seconds, and business sales doubling in the past two years, Tangle Teezer epitomizes a true Growth Business of the Year winner.  


With true British heritage, Tangle Teezer was founded by well-respected south London hair colourist Shaun Pulfrey; 9 years later the Tangle Teezer team has significantly expanded, with headquarters in Brixton and a distribution centre in Croydon. Whilst the initial route to market was through the professional hair salons in the UK, the company now has a huge presence in premium retail outlets both at home and abroad; although all Tangle Teezer products aremanufactured in the UK, 82% of sales are now exported to more than seventy countries with established distribution in each.


Matt Lumb, CEO of Tangle Teezer said, “I think the National Business Awards are right up there in terms of how they're perceived in the business community, which is exactly why we applied for two awards. We were shortlisted for both and of course we won Growth Business of the Year. It has helped raise yet more brand awareness, as well as giving us even more credibility as a sustainable business model. All staff proudly present the National Business Awards “winners logo” in our email signature.”


Since their National Business Awards success, Tangle Teezer have continued to grow from strength to strength; sales in March 2014 were £14.3 million and grew to £28.6 million in March 2016, with profits continuing to grow in line with sales. The brand have also launched a range of blow-styling tools in April 2015, and have introduced some truly innovative processes and improvements, including the ability to track every hairbrush distributed around the world.  


Matt says, “we have some very exiting collaborations coming up and will be launching three new products during 2016. We have also moved to a fantastic, vibrant, custom-fit head office in January 2016 which provides the staff with everything they need and reflects Tangle Teezer, as a brand, perfectly.”