Last year The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards raised £25,000 for Mental Health UK

12 February 2020

The United Kingdom has often been noted for its generosity towards charitable causes. Indeed, in 2018 British donors gave an astonishing £10.1 billion to charity, with young people and animal welfare being the most popular causes.


It is no surprise, then, that the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2019 saw an incredible £25,000 raised for Mental Health UK by its guests during the charity auction. Donors bid generously on items ranging from a football shirt signed by members of England’s 1966 FIFA World Cup-winning team, to wine, holidays, signed posters and much more.


It was for a worthy cause, especially since mental health has become an increasingly important issue within the British business community. Charities like Mental Health UK have worked to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental ill-health, and as a result more people—from junior staff to the boardroom—are more open about their own issues, and much more likely to seek help.


Mental Health UK is one of the organisations leading the conversation. It runs support groups that provide a safe space for conversation and communication, offers advice and guidance, and provides a digital platform to educate people about mental health, including everything from stress and anxiety to depression and personality disorders. With 1-in-4 of us living with a mental health problem the education, advice and communication services Mental Health UK provides are more important than ever.


And as a charity partner of our Lloyds Banking Group, our headline sponsor, we were proud to raise money for this vital cause at last year’s edition of the awards.


Paul Gordon, Managing Director SME & Mid Corporates, Lloyds Banking Group said:

“Lloyds Bank continues to support Mental Health UK and the vital work they do. 1-in-4 people suffer from poor mental health: that’s 1-in-4 of our customers, 1-in-4 of our staff and 1-in-4 of those around us. We were delighted that the charity auction at last year’s National Business Awards raised £25,000 for Mental Health UK.”


The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards will continue to support charity partners and help raise awareness of good causes. Each year, our guests demonstrate that legendary British generosity.


And the awards also promote good causes in other ways. The Lloyds Bank Positive Social Impact Award celebrates the way UK businesses contribute to local communities and address social challenges, either as part of corporate social responsibility or as a wider business strategy. In 2019, the award went to the Company Shop Group, which has found new ways to reduce food waste by redistributing older stock.


If you want to join the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards as it recognises social responsibility, promotes good causes and contributes to charities like Mental Health UK, register your interest in entering today.