Identifying great employers

16 June 2020

Great employers have a unique set of attributes.

They identify excellence and areas for development in their recruits, provide training and guidance to get the most out of their employees, and invest in individuals to put them on the path to achievement.

The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards has rewarded some of the United Kingdom’s most proactive employers, those that have instituted training programmes and fostered a positive culture for career development.

2019: Weston College

Weston College was the worthy recipient of the Give a Grad a Go Employer of the Year Award last year. It received the trophy in recognition of its impressive programme of vocational, pre-employment, training, degree and apprenticeship courses that have prepared thousands of students for career success.

Each year it welcomes around 30,000 enrolments, but it also gives prisoners the leg-up they need to re-enter the world of work by providing educational services to nineteen prisons in the South of England. Its commitment to high-quality career development makes it one of the most important names in UK employment.

To hear more from Weston College’s principal Dr Paul Phillips, take a look at our recent interview.

2018: UK Fast

UK Fast took home the top prize in 2018 thanks to its work creating a workplace environment that promotes training and career development across its departments. Before winning, it had consistently featured in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list, highlighting its recognised commitment to a friendly, inclusive and productive workplace.

The workplace culture at UK Fast has been built around allowing all departments and teams to work together and develop the business and that skills of its staff. To foster that team spirit, its offices feature an on-site gym, bar, zen garden and video game area, and the company hosts an annual music festival for staff members and their families.

2017: Alderman Tooling 

Then known as the Howard Kennedy Employer of the Year Award, the prize went to metal fabrication specialists Alderman Tooling in 2017. The family-owned and managed company was recognised for its open, inclusive culture and its commitment to training staff with business improvement skills. The firm’s collaborative NVQ training, and MD Karen Friendship’s work as a STEM ambassador were also highlighted.

The relatively small size of Alderman Tooling and its location in Devon—a region that has been historically overlooked by the London-centric UK media and business community—demonstrates not only the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards national outlook, but also the big impact organisations of all shapes and sizes can make.

Employers that offer training and development, a flexible approach to work, a vibrant company culture and a generous and open recruitment strategy will be needed more than ever in the post-COVID-19 world. The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards will continue to recognise, celebrate and reward those organisations.

If yours fits the bill, register your interest today and get started on your entry. Go for it, and you might take home the prize.