British business is booming – celebrate it at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

29 April 2019

When it comes to the state of British business, we're constantly confronted with negative headlines about Brexit or struggling bricks-and-mortar retail stores. Too often, positive stories struggle to stand out against attention-grabbing bad news.

Indeed, with the Brexit deadline constantly shifting, British businesses are being affected by uncertainty over the outcome, which can stifle innovation and make companies more risk-averse.

But this only reflects one reality. Last year at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards we saw how vibrant and exciting the British business landscape is, with some of the country's most successful and innovative companies and business leaders taking to the stage.

And according to a report by creditsafe, these successes are reflected in the wider performance of British businesses. Far from being in terminal decline, a wide range of economic indicators such as liabilities, assets, cash and net worth demonstrate that many businesses – particularly those based in Scotland, Yorkshire and London – are experiencing healthy growth.

The growth businesses are driving all over the country was demonstrated in 2018 by the diversity of nominees, representing start-ups to global brands from across the United Kingdom. For instance, catergory winners such as activity coordinators Daily Sparkle and prosthetics company Limbs and Things are based in Totnes and Bristol respectively, while Cleveland Police, which won the Data Excellence Award, hails from the North East.

In 2019, we can celebrate nationwide business achievements and tell Britain's success story once again. If your company is helping to drive innovation and growth anywhere in the United Kingdom, you can enter any of the awards on offer this year, and demonstrate what makes British business great. Your business can:

  1. -    Receive independent recognition of its achievements
  2. -    Stand out from all businesses, not just those in your industryAccess business and thought leaders
  3. -    Receive wider PR and marketing exposure
  4. -    Tell your success story