5 things to look out for at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards this year

11 November 2019

The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2019 is nearly upon us. This exciting celebration of the cream of British business comprises an awards ceremony and a lavish black-tie dinner designed to recognise the achievements of organisations and business leaders from across the public, private and third sectors. So what should you look forward to at the awards ceremony tomorrow?


A hosting performance by Simon McCoy

Our host for the evening is the BBC newsreader and viral sensation Simon McCoy. Simon is sure to entertain with the legendary dry wit and laidback style that has frequently made him a headline-generating hit – such as when he wryly opened his on-location report from the birth of Prince George of Cambridge with “The news is: there is no news,” or when he presented the headlines holding a pack of A4 paper instead of his iPad.

To present each award, Simon will be joined by a who's who of some of the UK's most prestigious business leaders, including former winners.


A fascinating speech by Tim Peake

No matter how successful the business leaders attending the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards are, none of them can match Tim Peake's greatest achievement: orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station.

Affectionately known as Major Tim, he became only the second British astronaut to fly wearing the Union Flag on his shoulder patch when undertook a 185-day mission aboard the International Space Station in 2015 and 2016. As the night's keynote speaker, Tim will relate his experiences as an astronaut in a fascinating and awe-inspiring speech.


A positive view of British business

Of course, the point of the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards is celebrating the success of British organisations and business leaders. In these uncertain times, the celebratory atmosphere is a welcome relief, and evidence that the UK's business community is still thriving.

Expect to see some of the United Kingdom's most innovative organisations, engaging in new practices that empower employees, affect real social change and increase profits and promote growth, as well as some of the leaders driving that change.


A fantastic opportunity to network

With the great and good of British business all gathered in one place, the National Business Awards is an excellent opportunity to build connections with professionals across a diverse range of fields, and expand your network in industries outside your usual circle. The event facilitates this before, during and after the ceremony, with the drinks reception ideal for mingling with your fellow guests over a few glasses, in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.


An entertaining evening for your whole team

The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards is a true celebration not just of profit, but of hard work, talent, innovation, cultural change and ethical practice. It recognises the good that organisations can do, and as a result, it's the perfect place to reward teams and celebrate the achievements of hard-working people from across the United Kingdom. With a delicious meal, entertaining speeches and a celebratory atmosphere, the ceremony is, at its heart, a chance to have a good time, share a few drinks and enjoy a well-earned party."