2019 Employment Statistics To Help With Your Virtual Hiring in 2020:

30 March 2020

Hiring remotely is extremely topical right now, and with that in mind we wanted to share some of our most interesting findings from last year, to help you with your remote hiring.

Click to download the full 2019 Graduate Market Report, or visit our Graduate Employment Statistics Archive to see how the graduate recruitment sector has changed since 2015.

Our recent blog on recruiting from home highlights three main benefits of virtual hiring with Give A Grad A Go:

1. Financial Benefits: Hiring virtually means that you can save money interviewing in-house and you will not need to cover the travel or lunch costs of having a face-to-face interview or assessment days. We are sure that we can cut costs for you with employee retention with 96% of our candidates in 2019 passing their probation. Read further information on how to retain graduates on our website.

2. Time Benefits: Virtual hiring can be a slow and timely process. Fortunately, our team at Give A Grad A Go will do all the resourcing for you from our pool of over 250,000 exceptional candidates in our database. The industry average time to fill a role is 42 working days, but in 2019 Give A Grad A Go’s average time to place candidates in a role was only 23 days!

3. Quality Benefits: Give A Grad A Go have an incredible and diverse range of candidates who are actively searching and connecting with us to find their perfect role. Being strong advocates of diversity in the workplace and equality, we are proud to have placed 48% females and 52% males into their ideal roles in 2019. Finding candidates remotely can even more difficult, but we can ease the pressure and save time and energy for your company to focus on what you do best.


Important statistics for recruiting:

Starting Salary:

When hiring remotely it is important to attract graduates to your role. One of the obvious attractions to a graduate will be a competitive starting salary. Last year our statistics showed that the average starting salary was £25,487 which is almost £5,000 more than the London Living Wage. This highlights the competitiveness of the current graduate market, and need to get your company in front of the best possible candidates.

Find the best recruitment agency:

Give A Grad A Go have a fantastic relationship with our clients. Last year, our outstanding services resulted in a 74% repeat business from satisfied clients who wanted to hire with us again. We must have made an impression on other companies as well, as we had 157 new clients partner with us in 2019!

Know your sector:

As a Give A Grad A Go client, we will share all of our knowledge on sector statistics with you to use for your advantage. With 15 different sectors and with
7 sub sectors just in Tech, we know precisely how to select the perfect candidates for your specific role.

As the UK’s leading Graduate Recruitment Agency, we pride ourselves on the fact that our recruiters utilise their expert experience to offer a bespoke screening process for every candidate. Last year, over 600 graduate careers were launched by us in 242 new businesses. Whether you’re a large multi-national, or a startup in the earliest stages, find out more about the recruitment services we offer and how we can help your business grow.