The Lloyds Bank Positive Social Impact Award

Are you a PLC or a private company that puts community and a values-based approach at the heart of your business plan?

Are you a public or third sector organisation that wants to shine a spotlight on the ethical-based approach of your private-sector partner?

This award highlights the role of the private or PLC companies, often in partnership with the public and third sectors, in addressing social challenges and improving the communities in which they operate.

The Lloyds Bank Positive Social Impact Award will recognise those organisations that have achieved a meaningful and sustainable social impact through partnership, investment, pro-bono work, or through employee-led initiatives.

What the judges want to see:

The judges will look for evidence of how these organisations have brought their values to life, embedded the approach throughout the whole organisation, and aligned them with their commercial objectives.

They will be particularly interested in evidence of results that show where the organisation has achieved a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Judges are especially interested in pioneering ideas and approaches that can scaled to increase social impact and can also be adapted in other sectors.

Previous winners

Company Shop Group - 2019
The Daily Sparkle - 2018