The inews Pivot for Purpose Award

For businesses that have demonstrated incredible agility in the time of crisis to serve the public

The inews Pivot for Purpose Award recognises those UK businesses and organisations that have gone above and beyond to support our communities and key workers during the COVID–19 pandemic.

Unlike other categories, it celebrates the extraordinary efforts of organisations who have provided essential services and equipment, supported our NHS and key workers and helped individuals during lockdown without regard to profit.

That means any organisation that has:

  • Refocused existing operations to provide support for key workers
  • Assisted in the manufacturing and/or delivery of essential medical equipment
  • Provided essential services to communities during lockdown
  • Spearheaded initiatives to promote wellbeing and promote social cohesion during lockdown
  • Supported and led efforts to keep communities and businesses moving
  • Embraced innovative new digital and physical strategies to promote business and support communities while maintaining social distancing rules
  • Helped individuals, communities and local businesses adversely affected by the virus