The Virgin Atlantic Customer Experience & Loyalty Award

Have you put the customer at the heart of your business strategy and transformed results? Are you rewarding your customers for their loyalty? If so...

Celebrating organisations that deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience, this Award recognises businesses that, firstly, demonstrates the link between excellent customer experience, employee engagement improved profitability and/or value to the bottom line.

Secondly, where innovative customer experience enables organisations to outperform their competitors and take advantage of technology while achieving industry leading employee engagement.

Judges will look at how the customer strategy together with its operational implementation has helped to improve the commercial performance.

Finally, judges will seek to understand how your strategy and process for increasing customer loyalty, reducing customer effort and minimising complaints achieves outstanding results.

Open to all organisations in the public, private and third sectors, this Award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate how its customer centricity and strategy contributed to:

  • Increased commercial growth and/or value
  • Improved customer experience, acquisition and /or retention
  • Greater employee engagement and improved customer culture
  • Competitive advantage has been achieved within its sector
  • Innovation and improved operational excellence, including technology

Judges will also be seeking to evidence for your organisations:

  • Highly effective leadership and vision
  • Embedded governance to support business ethics and policies
  • Explanation of your customer experience strategy and examples of achievements
  • Examples of how the customer experience strategy has explicitly linked to financial growth and expansion

Previous Winners

DPD UK - 2019
Close Brothers Retail Finance - 2018