Give A Grad A Go

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Give A Grad A Go is the UK’s most recognised and successful multi-sector graduate recruitment agency.

Since 2009, we have supported the growth of over 500 businesses, and helped to develop thousands of graduates in the early stages of their careers.

Give A Grad A Go works with companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from burgeoning startups, to global corporations. Saving businesses valuable time, money and resources, we introduce them to a larger network, speed up their new hiring cycles, and consistently streamline their early career recruitment processes.

Our network

We believe that graduates can add value to any business; whether you’re an early-stage startup or SME aiming for rapid growth, or part of an in-house team looking to recruit a pair of fresh eyes, and a new perspective.

We work with each of our candidates on a personal basis, getting to know their individual career objectives and goals. We make recommendations to them based on their criteria; then candidates are able to apply for specific roles on our job board.

With a vetted database of over 225,000 candidates, we can introduce businesses to the very best in graduate talent.

Testament to the quality of our database, 40% of our candidates graduated from a Top 20 university, and 84% of our database have a 1st, a 2.1 or a Master’s degree.

Hiring with speed and accuracy

We understand how important it is to find the right employee for each business, so as well as focusing on outstanding academic records, our approach also values a candidate’s personality, experience and interests.

As your graduate recruitment partner, our goal is to get a shortlist of our best-matched candidates sent to you within 3 working days.

We continue to be on-hand at every stage, to help with the interview process, feedback, contracts, and even candidate onboarding.

Our average time to fill is just 17 working days, and we only charge a placement fee once a candidate has started. You won’t pay a penny until we’ve found you exactly what you’re looking for – making our service the most cost-effective on the market.

Graduate recruitment services

One-off hires: Looking to make a one-off hire? You will be assigned an experienced Consultant, who specialises in your sector and role type. We offer a set fee structure for one-off hires.

Multiple hires: Whether you are a small businesses scaling up quickly, or a talent team in need of an efficient and cost-effective recruitment drive, you will benefit from flexible rates based on the number of people you choose to hire.

Paid placements: We offer 3 month placements / internships with the view to go permanent; advertising the role in the exact same way we do with our permanent vacancies.

Assessment days: For companies looking to make multiple hires quickly, assessment days are often the most resourceful option. We are able to help with all aspects of assessment days; vetting and shortlisting the best candidates, handling all administrative duties, and even assisting on the day itself.

Careers microsites: Looking to hire in bulk, but lacking the resources? Built around your specific hiring needs and using your own branding, tone and content, we can create custom career microsites on your behalf. Then, we will vet the top candidates, and provide the resources to help your business make multiple hires quickly and accurately.

Student outreach: We sponsor 15 of the UK’s top student societies, all at Top 20 universities. Through our partnerships with these universities, we provide careers advice, hold on-campus events, and help our clients bolster their brand.