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Team Fifteen's client collaboration becomes a revolutionary success

Team Fifteen's client collaboration becomes a revolutionary success

09 Oct 2015

A long standing partnership between Fifteen Digital and their client, Mercian, sparked a collaborative and inspired idea leading to the creation of a Agritech solution which has revolutionised both businesses.

Mercian, the UK’s largest supplier of crisping potatoes (to PepsiCo which include crisp brand, Walkers) sought out a solution that incorporated full control over all product information. This led Fifteen Digital to create a bespoke, end to end solution allowing Mercian total traceability and provenance over their potato farmers’ operations and supply chain.

The Mercian solution is a perfect example of moving the UK’s agricultural sector forward by the collaborative use of agriculture and technology forming Agritech

Through a collective cooperation from both sides, Fifteen Digital employed their FifteenConnect framework solution to bring Mercian the business intelligence and analytics they needed. The FifteenConnect framework encompasses all areas of Fifteen Digital, including software development, technology, telecommunications and marketing together with the approach they employ with each project.

The Mercian system is cloud based using the latest Amazon Web Service (AWS) and allows farmers to be able to upload their information about their crops’ management, progress and business operations through a suite of apps on tablets and mobiles and desktop computer applications designed for that purpose. To date over 300,000 snippets of information and photographs have been collected and analysed in this manner. They can create records for their crops and submit photos (to demonstrate the various stages of crops’ growth), include daily health and safety documentation, food safety information, potato storage, transport details and invoices. The system records when and how staff were trained and when machinery was last used and who it was serviced by, all information is presented via dashboards allowing the management team to spot trends and view specific KPIs.

Through Fifteen Digital’s team of specialists; Team Fifteen, the creation and implementation of the solution has transformed Mercian’s business processes and work flows. Mercian can present to their customers, crisp manufacturers such as Walkers, the full provenance of the produce, the system has streamlined their operations through automated invoicing and documentation as well as sending triggers and checks to ensure crop safety.

The Mercian solution is a perfect example of moving the UK’s agricultural sector forward by the collaborative use of agriculture and technology forming Agritech, furthermore it’s supporting the UK’s food supply infrastructure and influential government bodies including the World Health Organisation, the Technology Strategy Board and agriculture research institutes which are all calling for solutions like this (Food Safety, WHO, February 2015) (Nutrition for life, Innovate UK, January 2014) (Research, BBSRC, 2015).

Through the FifteenConnect framework a bespoke system has been created which has established partnerships throughout the whole supply chain resulting in Mercian now being 769% more efficient when compared to their direct competitor. Fifteen Digital’s dedicated team of individuals, Team Fifteen, are the driving force behind FifteenConnect and Mercian are the perfect client which has not only permitted the invention of a whole-business solution but has inspired innovation and creativity on every level imaginable.

This innovative approach allows Team Fifteen to continue to turn clients’ ideas into reality through intelligent technology products and services, supporting businesses to reach their goals and growth potential. The FifteenConnect Framework has propagated through the whole of Fifteen Digital and is now used in addition to support Team Fifteen’s personal and professional development.

Team Fifteen incorporate new technologies into Fifteen Digital products consistently. More recent technology updates are allowing the specialist team to transform and streamline more apps ensuring that clients are provided with the most up to date and intelligent apps for their business.

Speaking about this project, Fifteen Digital Company Director, Rob Adams said;

‘At Fifteen Digital, we’re dedicated to supporting clients’ business development and reaching their goals, Team Fifteen have combined innovative technologies to turn creative ideas into reality. We’ve supported Mercian in their goal of complete supply chain provenance and ultimately helped to move the agriculture industry forward, in the way it collects and uses information for better business decisions. This business management and intelligence solution was the culmination of collaboration between all of our people in systems development, communications, marketing and IT and I personally feel very proud of my team.”

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